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  • OncologyTodayBreast19_Video_WebCover.png

    Breast Cancer - Webcasts and Video Activities

    Recorded video proceedings from live CME activities and interactive programs featuring video, PowerPoint and related web links.

    Oncology Today with Dr Neil Love: Breast Cancer Edition (Video Program)March 2019

    Featuring a roundtable discussion with Drs Charles E Geyer Jr and Sara M Tolaney. (Video Program)

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    Breast Cancer - Special Editions

    Novel CME activities delving into topics and critical aspects of clinical cancer management.

    Oncology Today with Dr Neil Love: Breast Cancer Edition (Audio Program)March 2019

    Featuring a roundtable discussion with Drs Charles E Geyer Jr and Sara M Tolaney. (Audio Program)

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  • SanAntonioBC18_WebCover_v1jb.png

    Breast Cancer - Symposia Proceedings

    Enduring CME activities featuring the recorded proceedings from live CME meetings and satellite symposia held in conjunction with important scientific meetings.

    Addressing Current Questions and Controversies in the Management of Early and Advanced Breast CancerJanuary 2019

    Proceedings from a satellite symposium during the 41st annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Featuring perspectives from Dr Harold J Burstein, Dr William J Gradishar, Dr Joyce O’Shaughnessy, Dr Hope S Rugo, Prof Peter Schmid and Dr Debu Tripathy. (Video Program)

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  • BCU119_WebCover_v1si.png

    Breast Cancer Update - Medical Oncology Edition

    CME series for medical oncologists featuring one-on-one interviews with clinical investigators.

    Breast Cancer Update, Issue 1, 2019January 2019

    Featuring interviews with Drs Eric P Winer, Daniel F Hayes and Ingrid A Mayer. (Audio Program)

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  • BCUS118_WebCover.png

    Breast Cancer Update - Surgical Edition

    CME series for general surgeons and surgical oncologists featuring one-on-one interviews with clinical investigators.

    Breast Cancer Update: Surgical Edition, Issue 1, 2018December 2018

    Featuring interviews with Drs Harold J Burstein and Terry Mamounas. (Audio Program)

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  • VPB118_WebCover.png

    Visiting Professors - Breast Cancer Edition

    Case-based CME series featuring a clinical investigator's perspective on a day spent visiting patients in the clinic of a community oncologist.

    Visiting Professors Breast Cancer, Issue 1, 2018May 2018

    Featuring Drs Sara M Tolaney and Kathy D Miller’s perspectives on their time spent visiting with patients with breast cancer in the clinics of community oncologists. (Audio Program)

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  • MTPB1-08.png

    Meet The Professors - Breast Cancer Edition

    Recorded discussions from case-based meetings featuring community oncologists presenting actual but de-identified cases to a panel of clinical investigators.

    Meet The Professors: Breast Cancer Edition, 2018March 2018

    A case-based roundtable discussion on the management of early and advanced breast cancer. Featuring faculty members Drs Sara A Hurvitz and George W Sledge Jr and community oncologists Drs Lauren Carcas, Patricia A DeFusco and Andrea Stebel. (Audio Program)

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  • CACU_Breast_Video_17_WebCover.png

    Cancer Conference Update - Breast Cancer Edition

    Audio reviews of key presentations and posters from important breast cancer meetings.

    Cancer Conference Update: A Multimedia Review of Key Breast Cancer Presentations from the 2016 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual MeetingOctober 2017

    Featuring key slides from the most important breast cancer presentations of SABCS 2016 and ASCO 2017 and video interviews with Drs Kimberly L Blackwell, Karen A Gelmon, Ian E Krop, Kathy D Miller, Rita Nanda and Sara Tolaney. (Video Program)

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  • CoCB_SeriesCover.png

    Consensus or Controversy

    Clinical investigators provide high-level overview perspectives on challenging questions facing oncologists today.

    Consensus or Controversy, Issue 4: Something new or another “me too”? CDK4/6 inhibitors in breast cancerJune 2017

    Clinical investigators provide concise comments on therapy for patients with ER-positive/HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer. Featuring perspectives from Drs Sarat Chandarlapaty, William J Gradishar, Kathy D Miller, Ruth M O’Regan, Lee S Schwartzberg, Melinda L Telli, Sara M Tolaney and Denise A Yardley.

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  • ONUB1_15_WebCover.png

    Oncology Nursing Update – Breast Cancer Edition

    CNE series for oncology nurses featuring one-on-one interviews with clinical investigators, nurses and patients.

    Oncology Nursing Update Breast Cancer Edition, Issue 1, 2015July 2015

    Featuring interviews with Ms Emily Olson and Dr Denise A Yardley. (Audio Content)

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  • BCUTT_13_WebCover.png

    Breast Cancer Update - Think Tank

    Edited proceedings from closed roundtable discussions among clinical investigators debating newly published data and controversial issues central to patient care.

    Current Controversies, Recent Developments and Emerging Strategies in the Practical Management of Breast CancerMay 2013

    Roundtable participants include Drs Adam M Brufsky, Lisa A Carey, William J Gradishar, Sara A Hurvitz, Monica Morrow, Ruth O’Regan, Edith A Perez and Hope S Rugo. (Audio Content)

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  • 5-min_JC.png

    5-Minute Journal Club – Breast Edition

    Journal club program highlighting recent advances in breast cancer. Each journal club should take five minutes to complete and is comprised of an abbreviated slide set along with edited commentary.

    5-Minute Journal Club — SABCS 2012 PresentationsFebruary 2013

    Key slides from the most important presentations of SABCS 2012. Featured clinical investigators comment on clinical implications of these new data sets. (Text and PowerPoint Slides)

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  • POCB1-08.png

    Patterns of Care - Breast Cancer Edition

    Published results of national Patterns of Care surveys conducted with clinical investigators and practicing oncologists to illuminate management trends in oncology.

    Patterns of Care: Breast Cancer Edition, Issue 1, 2012April 2012

    Published results of a national Patterns of Care survey conducted with clinical investigators and practicing oncologists to illuminate management trends in oncology. Featuring perspectives from Drs William J Gradishar, Beth Overmoyer, Mark D Pegram, Edith A Perez and George W Sledge Jr.

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  • YiRB12_WebCover_v1fr.png

    Year in Review - Breast Cancer Edition

    A speaker’s slide kit summarizing the year’s most important meeting presentations and journal articles.

    Year in Review — Breast CancerFebruary 2012

    Year in Review is a unique CME activity that attempts to distill the overwhelming number of journal articles in breast cancer published in 2011 into a convenient summary of the most clinically relevant papers. Featuring commentary from Drs Charles E Geyer Jr, Clifford Hudis and George W Sledge Jr. (Slide Content)

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  • OPU1_07.png

    Oncology Practice Update - Breast Cancer Edition

    An Audio Review Journal for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Specializing in Oncology

    Oncology Practice Update, Issue 1, 2007December 2007

    Highlights from roundtable featuring Dr Charles L Vogel and Ms Julie A Plantamura. (Audio Content)

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  • CQAB1Adj_07.png

    Patient Education and Perspectives Series: Breast Cancer Edition

    Cancer Q and A - Breast Cancer: Patient Education Series, 2007
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