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  • ONS_Melanoma_16_WebCover.png

    Dermatologic Oncology — Symposia Proceedings

    Breakfast with the Investigators: Systemic Management of MelanomaAugust 2016

    Proceedings from a CME symposium held at the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting. Featuring perspectives from Drs Keith T Flaherty and Jeffrey Weber. (Video Program)

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  • ONUB_13_WebCover.png

    Oncology Nursing Update – Dermatologic Oncology Edition

    Oncology Nursing Update, Melanoma Edition, Issue 1, 2016February 2016

    Featuring interviews with Dr Evan J Lipson and Ms Stephanie Andrews. (Audio Content)

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  • DOU112_WebCover.png

    Dermatologic Oncology Update

    CME series for medical oncologists featuring one-on-one interviews with clinical investigators.

    Dermatologic Oncology Update, Issue 1, 2015December 2015

    Featuring interviews with Drs Jeffrey Weber, Michael A Postow, Evan J Lipson and Antoni Ribas. (Audio Content)

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    Melanoma - Webcasts and Video Activities

    Recorded video proceedings from live CME activities and interactive programs featuring video, PowerPoint and related web links.

    RTP TV — Melanoma and Nonmelanoma Skin CancersApril 2013

    This online educational course explores topics relevant to the treatment of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers. Originally held on April 11, 2013, this program features Drs Keith T Flaherty and Anna C Pavlick. (Video Program)

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  • CoCM12_WebCover_v1si.png

    Consensus or Controversy – Dermatologic Oncology Edition

    Clinical investigators provide high-level overview perspectives on challenging questions facing oncologists today.

    Consensus or Controversy, Issue 3: Clinical Investigators Provide Their Perspectives on Controversial Issues in the Management of Metastatic Melanoma, Part 2January 2013
    Clinical investigators provide concise comments on various clinical scenarios encountered in metastatic melanoma. Featuring perspectives from Drs Michael Benjamin Atkins, Keith T Flaherty, John M Kirkwood, Kim Margolin, Anna C Pavlick, Antoni Ribas, Jeffrey A Sosman and Jeffrey Weber.
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    5-Minute Journal Club - Dermatologic Oncology Edition

    Journal club program highlighting recent advances in dermatologic oncology. Each journal club should take five minutes to complete and is comprised of an abbreviated slide set along with edited commentary.

    5-Minute Journal Club: ASCO 2011 - Melanoma PresentationsSeptember 2011

    This series of activities is comprised of abbreviated slide sets along with edited commentary from clinical investigators summarizing the significance of results presented at the ASCO 2011 Annual Meeting. Tumor types that are highlighted include melanoma, GIST and breast, lung, ovarian, colorectal and genitourinary cancers.

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