CNS Cancers

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    CNS Cancers - Symposia Proceedings

    Enduring CME activities featuring the recorded proceedings from live CME meetings and satellite symposia held in conjunction with important scientific meetings.

    Glioblastoma Tumor Panel and Journal Club: Clinical Investigators Provide Perspectives on Current Cases from Their Practices and Important Recent Publications and PresentationsMarch 2016

    Proceedings from a satellite symposium during the 20th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuro-Oncology. Including perspectives from Drs Minesh Mehta, Tom Mikkelsen, Jeffrey Raizer, Zvi Ram and Patrick Y Wen. (Video Program)

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    CNS Cancer Update - Medical Oncology Edition

    CME series for medical oncologists featuring one-on-one interviews with clinical investigators.

    CNS Cancer Update, Issue 2, 2011December 2011

    Featuring interviews with Drs Marc Chamberlain and Timothy F Cloughesy. (Audio Content)

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    CNS Cancer - Webcasts and Video Activities

    Recorded video proceedings from live CME activities and interactive programs featuring video, PowerPoint and related web links.

    Monday Night with Research To Practice: Seminar V — Central Nervous System (CNS) CancersOctober 2010

    This unique eight-part online, integrated educational course was designed to provide an array of perspectives relevant to the current and future treatment of several different solid tumors and hematologic cancers. The series consists of eight 60-minute virtual educational seminars featuring a mix of didactic presentations and discussion. Seminar V (originally held October 18, 2010) features Drs Tracy Batchelor and James J Vredenburgh discussing the latest advances in the treatment of CNS cancers. (Webinar)

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    Malignant Glioma Update - Think Tank

    Edited proceedings from closed roundtable discussions among clinical investigators debating newly published data and controversial issues central to patient care.

    Systemic Management of Central Nervous System Tumors, 2009November 2009

    Roundtable participants include Drs Tracy Batchelor, Timothy F Cloughesy, Minesh P Mehta, Tom Mikkelsen, David M Peereboom, James J Vredenburgh, Jon D Weingart and Patrick Y Wen. (Text and Audio Content)

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    Malignant Glioma Update

    CME series for medical oncologists featuring one-on-one interviews with clinical investigators.

    Malignant Glioma Update, Issue 1, 2009

    Featuring interviews with Drs Tracy Batchelor, David Schiff, Patrick Wen and Michael Gruber. (Audio Content)

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